Small and big business, organizations and individuals alike are effortlessly improving their communications with Edict Spaces™.

Use Spaces™ To…

Spaces™ is valuable to…

Loaded With Features


Web-Based Hosting

No installation necessary. Access your Spaces™ from the office, the road or the comfort of your home. We do all the work.

Custom Features (No Wizards Here)

Each Spaces™ site is customized to your specific requirements. Our designers weave together a rich set of features to create a web-based communications environment suited to your precise needs.

Seamless Integration

Style, color, logo and menuing are personalized so that your Spaces™ site can be your primary website or a seamless addition to your current web services.

Information Rich

Spaces™ tracks what the recipients of your newsletters are reading. Each newsletter expands your knowledge of your community!

How Do I Get Started?

Spaces™ is a web-based service; so you don't have to install or maintain hardware or software. Each Spaces™ community is, however, customized to your unique needs. Our team of well-mannered designers will work with you to decide the exact combination and configuration of features that best suit your needs. We do all of the setup work. This takes about a week. Yes, we know this isn't as fast as some wizard generated services but the results are worth the wait! When you've approved our work on a secure test server we post it into production and your off and running.

How Do I Use Spaces™?

Spaces™ is simple to use. Chances are you can simply jump in and start working. But if you need a little help getting started we won't abandon you! Our team has been building web-based communities about as long as they've around. We can help you develop an effective strategy for growing your community using the rich features found in Spaces™.

What are the Benefits of Spaces™?

You can dramatically improve communications with your customers, members, staff and employees while reducing costs, eliminating paper, saving time and reducing redundancy.

How Much Does Spaces™ Cost?

Spaces™ is priced by the number of contributors to the community and the number of non-contributors that receive published newsletters. We charge by the number of recipients rather than the number of emails sent, so the average organization pays a flat fee regardless of how often they communicate with their members. The typical Spaces™ installation will cost $100 per month with 50 contributing members and up to 1,000 non-contributing newsletter recipients.