Small and big business, organizations and individuals alike are effortlessly improving their communications with Edict Spaces™.


At the onset of H2ONotes’ emailed publications, the organization was advised by industry experts to avoid environmental commentary. After including a water quality article, the statistical feedback of Spaces™ revealed that readers were four-times more interested in environmental issues. As a result of Spaces™ statistical feedback, H2ONotes was able to focus on issues most valued by their readers.
H2ONotes was created to provide a common meeting place for people interested in Great Lakes water and sporting issues. Obstacles to overcome included the lack of a current website, limited funding, as well as satisfying the wide variety of computer skills of the H2ONotes audience.

Spaces™ provides a central location for Great Lakes related articles to be compiled, organized, and redistributed in a weekly emailed newsletter publication to over 6000 recipients. The Spaces™ solution provides an affordable web presence, the ability to send readers valuable information delivered directly to their inbox, and offers a way to collect donations via online credit card processing.


Capelli Spa

Edict Spaces™ presented an economical marketing tool allowing the client to write their own content as weblogs, send information valued by customers, and include coupons to promote Spa and website traffic. Using Spaces™ statistical feedback, the client is equipped with critical information about their customers’ interests and purchasing habits.

Capelli Spa was utilizing a robust e-commerce website but had no way of providing customers with health, body and fitness education outside of costly printed advertisements. The Spa wanted alternative methods to attract more clients to their website.

As an extension to Capelli Spa’s existing website, Spaces™ provides a seamless transition to broadcasting features. Health, body and fitness information is sent to their clients’ inboxes with direct links to their site's selling features.


Metamora Area Chamber of Commerce

The Metamora Area Youth Development Association witnessed dropping participation in their annual scholarship program. By posting the downloadable scholarship application to the Spaces™ document library, both students and counselors are able to easily access the information, resulting in high participation.

When the Metamora Area Chamber of Commerce needed to update the constantly changing news, events and contact information of their members, they had to work through a web developer, which took weeks before a change was seen. As a Not for Profit, the Chamber needed a new, editable website with the ability to economically promote their member businesses.

Through Spaces™ technology, weblogs are published and organized to create an effective website with content that can be instantly edited by members of the Chamber. Articles containing coupons, specials and business promotions are sent via an emailed newsletter to citizens, bringing valued business downtown.


House Concerts

Concert planning and musician rosters greatly depend on preferences of the audience. The imbedded discussions linked to each weblog entry provided a feedback forum. Artists were asked to return and other musicians were contacted based on posted guest suggestions.

House Concerts relied on printed mail, phone calls and word-of-mouth to advertise their events. Lack of feedback and ability to promote the featured artist hindered the group’s growth.

Spaces™ became both a website and communication hub for organizers, artists and concert goers. Upcoming concerts and ticket information is easily distributed, and audiences have grown with the help of walk-up subscriptions.